LifeOne Assist is your comprehensive international assistance solution with a fresh and innovative concept in the market. We provide solutions to our customers and members that assist them during emergencies on the road, at home, when they’re traveling, in a medical or dental emergency or just when they need legal consultation. We have the best and most experienced team of professionals that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The beneficiary of the service can enjoy different assistance solutions without the need of an insurance just by paying the affiliation once a month. We solve our clients’ problems every day thanks to our 7 x 24 call center. Our service processes include quality control for all services and satisfaction surveys.

We have developed specific insurance products for some Latin American markets. We try to cover some of the migrants’ needs with specific coverages such as accidental death, repatriation of mortal remains, pharmacy discounts, among others.

A unique product and service line dedicated to the automotive industry that benefits consumers with high value. These products help recover small amounts that are not normally covered by the automobile insurance policy deductible.


We have an Emergency Monitoring Center and a Customer Service Center. Both have trained and qualified personnel that will be able to solve any problem during an emergency.

We assign the closest service providers to the emergency site through the innovative new Electronic Mapping System.

If you want to participate in our prestigious network of assistance service providers, this app will give you access to it and will allow you to receive online services from our affiliates at the same time. You only have to register and send us your information. Download it now and start enjoying our technology and our services immediately!

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